A village with a funny little name literally meaning “the cooked goat”which offers leaisure activities both in summer and winter.

It is a well renowned skiing facility and races of cross country skiing are known at an international level.

Snowing in Capracotta is certainly a world record breaking matter!
An amazing snowstorm hit Capracotta in 2015 and 256 centimetres of snow fell in just about 16 hours. The massive blizzard broke a 1921 record set in Silver Lake, Colorado. Locals were forced to dig their way out of homes and climb from windows.

Over the summer you can enjoy the local festivals the most popular of which is in summer-hen the pastoral tradition lives again in the so called “Pezzata”, a feast of grilled lamb and sheep boiled with aromatic herbs. You can stroll along the quaint village streets or perhaps take a walk in the wild country side.

Before reaching the village you will notice the strength of the wind which moves the wind turbines stretched along the ridges. You can turn into Don Quixote for a little while and take amazing pictures of yourself in these most fascinating location.

Getting there.
Get to the SP86 and follow signs to Capracotta. Keep on going for about 10 Km and at the Staffoli junction turn left.Soon after there will be another junction. Follow the signs to Capracotta and the road will take you to the land of modern windmills…and simly enjoy !

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