Frosolone, a splendid place listed among the most beautiful villages of Italy.

It is home to the ancient cutlery and home to the Museum of Knives, a collection of hundreds of items of historical value.
In these places the Colantuono family replicates every year the gesture of the ancient transhumance. The journey with three hundred cattle from Puglia to the Molise mountains, along the green streets of Europe ending with a great party on the streets of the village and in the hamlet of Acquevive.

Getting to the mountain of Frosolone is a journey through secular woods and highlands characterized by seasonal lakes where cows and horses freely graze.
An imposing rocky cliff stands out. It is here that Italian and foreign climbers train in an open-air gym of rare beauty cited by all the greatest enthusiasts of climbing activities.

After reaching the small church of Sant’Egidio, keep on going up to the green meadows and the wind turbines scattered on the top of Colle dell’Orso, a fascinating name for a place once linked to the presence of the big animal.

Getting there.
From our Home eachSP86 and go towards Pescolanciano. After the D’Alessandro Castle, turn right into SP78. Travel through the superb woods for about thirty kilometres when you reach the Sant’Egidio church turn left and after about one kilometre, you have reached your destination. Over the summer period, you can meet cows and horses freely grazing so please drive carefully!

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