Just a few Kilometres away from Masseria Monte Pizzi you can visit the ancient archeological sites in Pietrabbondante.

If you are in quest of off the beaten track itineraries in Italy, Molise is most certainly a place to visit.
“The landscape is often rugged, wild and mostly beautiful. For centuries, life in this area of Italy has been tough, and the relative isolation is what makes Molise so special and a region where one can really have a taste of authentic Italy.”

Perched on a hill at about 1000 meters above sea level, Pietrabbondante dominates its surroundings. You can admire the ancient Roman amphitheatre. The site dates back to the 2nd Century B.C. and its style is a mix of classic Greek architecture with Latin elements deriving from the Romans.
You can enjoy a good play while sitting on the ancient stones in fine summer evenings.

Getting there.
After getting on the SP86 head towards Pescolanciano. After about 2,5 Km turn left for Pietrabbondante. The road to the village takes you through beautiful rural landscapes and magical woods. It is the natural reserve MaB in Collemeluccio a UNESCO heritage.

Keep on going another 5 km then turn left into the Sant’Andrea junction and after abouy thre Km you will see the village of Pietrabbondante nestles up between the high rocks. As soon as you arrive the Roman amphitheatre will be on you right hand side.

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