Ravioli Zucca


Ravioli dough 10 eggs 1 kg flour Filling: Ricotta cheese, grated cheese, pumpkin, salt, nutmeg Cook the pumpkin, mix it with ricotta chesse, grated cheese, salt and nutmeg. Make a cream Lay a sheet of the dough out and place a tablespoon of the pumpkin cream filling. Place another sheet of dough on top and…

coratella di agnello


Ingredients Lamb liver and lungs Onion Red wine Tomato sauce Chilly pepper Salt Chop the lamb liver and lungs into very small pieces, fry slowly on a low heat with onions and deglaze with red wine. Add tomato sauce, salt, chilly and leave to cook on a low heat [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”750,749″ img_size=”300×200″]

cheese cake alto molise


Base: 250g crushed biscuits 125g butter Crush the biscuits to a fine powder; melt the butter and mix with the crushed biscuits. Press the mixture into the bottom of a springform pan. Our “Semifreddo” version 250ml heavy whipping cream 250g ricotta cheese from Carovilli Whip the cream, add the ricotta cheese and mix until batter…

Crostata Amaretti


Short crust pastry 180g flour 1 egg 60g butter 50g sugar Amaretti cream: 300g ricotta cheese from Carovilli 140 g sugar 2 eggs 200g amaretti biscuits, crushed Mix all ingredients in a mixer to make a cream, layout the short crust pastry and pour cream on top. Oven cook at 180° for 40 minutes [vc_gallery type=”image_grid”…